They grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and it became the right side of the tracks.  They turned 50's, 60's & 70's pop music into "Classic."  They were country when country wasn't cool, and then they made country cool.  They are Bent Roses . . .The Most Interesting Band in The World.

"We don't always play music, but when we do, we prefer actual music."  Stay listening, my friends.

Get Ready . . .  

Th eNew CD is going to production and will be ready for download or CD purchase within 10 days.  We are extremely proud to offer these 10 original songs for your consideration.  Follow us on Facebook or this site for details on how to get your copy.

New CD! 

Howdy, all you "Rose Heads."  We have been working very hard this Summer and early Fall on a new CD with 10 more original Bent Roses tunes for you to enjoy.  Still in the editing and mixing process now but we should have the new songs "In stores in time for Christmas" (or Hanukkah.)  Stay tuned . . . 

Thank You, Scones! 

Our friends, The Scones (Rick, Helen and Harry) visited Salida recently and we had some great fun playing oldies on our patio late into the evening.  What a blast!  We also must thank them for taking the time to help us shoot some new promo photos - one of which now graces our website home page.  Keep on rockin', Scones.  We love ya!

Thanks to "The Bounty" Restaurant. 

Thank you to Chuck and the entire staff of The Bounty for hiring us to entertain on the patio last weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite the brief but fierce rain interruption.  Chuck sent this very kind note:

"Bent Roses played for us at the Bounty Restaurant last weekend.  It was a great show full of enthusiasm (despite a little rain) humor and great music.  They do a very diverse show with a little rock, a little country western, some of their own stuff.  That's what I like about Bill and Susan's show - they mix it up.  They mix up the voices, the music - you hear songs you don't hear from any other band - and they mix it up with the audience, they connect.  Good fun!"        - C. Tidd

We're looking forward to out return to The Bounty on July 2nd!

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